How to Understand That It's Time to Change Jobs?

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

Your job is where you spend the most time of your life and continuing to do a job that makes you extremely unhappy, engaging in difficult struggles for this purpose may not help in the long run. The main thing is, of course, to be able to make the right decision. If the following conditions apply to you, it means that you have extremely valid reasons for deciding to change jobs, and you need to make a career plan as soon as possible and think about the future.

Your relationship with your manager is irreparably damaged
You are trying various ways to repair the relationship, but you do not succeed, and now you are sure that you will never succeed. Matter what the reason is, the relationship between you will no longer be healthy.

There have been very important changes in your life
Maybe you got married, maybe you had children. Now your salary is not enough for your changing living conditions. To make a living for your family, you need to make the most of new opportunities.

Your values are contrary to corporate culture
Maybe your company is implementing an overly egalitarian system and you don't like people who you are the manager of taking your parking space. Or the system is too hierarchical, and you are prevented from expressing yourself. Regardless of the form of the conflict, you cannot exhibit behaviour that you do not approve of or believe in for too long. 

You are observing some serious unethical behaviour in your company
Maybe your manager is lying to customers about the quality of the goods, maybe he is stealing information from competitors. On top of that, if he expects you to lie and participate in this unethical behaviour, you need to change your job as soon as possible.

You have exhibited behaviours that can be described as “failures” in your workplace

You missed a lot of working days, failed to deliver your work on time, and failed to demonstrate the necessary skills when doing your job. If this situation has now irrevocably become your title, then you need to immediately get a new job and try never to repeat the same mistakes.

You burned bridges with your colleagues 
No matter what the problem is, your relationship has now become so bad that it prevents you from doing group work, and it seems impossible to fix the situation. This situation also requires you to immediately change your job and start a new one so as not to repeat the mistakes you made again.

Your stress level at work is extremely high
Your stress level is now so high that it affects your physical and mental health, as well as your relationships with family and relatives. Moreover, if you have received expert help in this regard, it shows that it's time to look for a new job.

You no longer enjoy doing your job at all
Even if your achievements do not satisfy you, everything seems to be part of a routine. No matter what has changed, you need a change of job if getting out of bed in the morning has turned into the greatest of tortures.

You have reached the best level in what you do, and you can't improve yourself anymore

A new job that can create opportunities that may not be available in your current workplace has become a requirement for you, even if the above nine articles do not apply. If you have considered all the options, it's time to move forward.