How to Prepare For Logistics Negotiations?

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Some preparations need to be made for job interviews at logistics companies. The preparations in question are as follows.

Study as If You Are Studying for the Final Exam
When you are called for a job interview, try to find out as much as possible about the company you are applying for. Search the company's website, employee profiles, and information about the company, and competitors in the company's industry in a very good way. If there is a situation regarding your professional knowledge in this interview, make a note in advance of what you must say about your professional knowledge in the job interview and work on these notes.

Prepare for Possible Questions
There are fixed questions in job interviews regardless of the sector. Prepare the most ideal answers to these questions in advance. Again, work on the questions that are likely to be asked to you in advance, depending on the industry. You can get preliminary information about the questions asked in the job interview by contacting people working in similar companies (or in the same company) in the position you are applying for.  Answer the most likely questions by typing and reading these answers aloud.

Take note of the questions you want to ask the person who will be interviewing you and direct these questions at the right times during the interview. Of course, the questions you ask must be original. It would not be very correct to ask the interviewer what can be found with a little internet research.

Review Your Experience and Skills
In the job advertisement, the characteristics that candidates applying for the position should have are listed in detail. To understand how the experience and skills you have to coincide with these characteristics, you should brainstorm and try to figure out how best to express these connections.

If a specific skill or experience is required in the ad, indicate that you are a suitable candidate without this skill/experience and that you are open to development. For example, if the ad says “to be experienced in the X sector for at least 5 years” and it has been 3 years since you entered this sector, show that what you have learned in 3 years is equivalent to 5 years.

Get a Good Rest
Get a good night's sleep the night before the meeting and wake up vigorous in the morning. Of course, before you fall asleep, visualize the job interview in your mind. Go to the interview by eating something healthy, not too heavy, if possible without onions-garlic. So do not go to the meeting on an empty stomach. If your blood sugar drops, your mode also drops, and this can negatively affect your performance. If you are stressed before the interview, do something that feels good to you. For example, meditation, prayer, worship, or listening to music are some of them.