Cover Letter Tips for Logistics And Transport Jobs

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When applying for a job at a logistics or transportation company, you should prepare a preliminary article. So, what should you pay attention to when preparing a preliminary article? Come on, let's go through all the details.

Search the Company
Before writing a creative and stunning preface, researching the company you want to apply to will give you a hint about the company. For this purpose, looking at the company's website, reading the news about the company, even reviewing the company's accounts on social media, allows you to find out about the company and write the preface correctly.

Become a Detective of Your Business
In the preface, instead of addressing the authorities such as “Mr. Official” and “Relevant Authority” as before, it may be of greater advantage that you address the HR director of the company you will be applying to, rather than addressing the Relevant Authority. It is now very easy to get the name of the HR manager or recruitment specialist of the company you are going to apply for with a short search on the Internet. But if you can't get to their names “....writing to the HR Manager of ” may also work.

Introduce yourself
What is your proximity to the position you are applying for? How much do your work experience and abilities match the position? The answers to this question will reveal your suitability for the job. Therefore, it is of great importance that you take them into account when writing your preface and tell us about your abilities, experience, and style of work without taking too long.

Tell About Your Reference
Testimonials are a fairly effective tool for recruiting. If you are applying for a job through a reference, it gives you a great advantage to specify the name of your reference in the preface.

Tell How to Add Value
When telling about your skill, personality, style of work, you need to specify at what points you will add value to the company. Why should they hire you? How will it help them? It is very important at this point that you emphasize the value that you will add to them by focusing on the job application you are applying for.

Stay Away from Stereotypes
Avoid unnecessary adjectives and phrases in the pre-post. Fashionable phrases, fancy words, and stereotypes contained in the preface can lead to a bad impression of you.

Pay Attention to The Font
When writing a preface, you also need to pay attention to which font to use. You need to choose the font and font according to the sector you are working in and the company you are applying to, but in doing so, you need to avoid extremes, simplicity.

Use Numeric Data
If the position you are applying for is a field of study related to numerical data, you can support your preliminary article with numerical data. For example, how much did you contribute to the company you worked for the last time, how much did you increase your sales? But in doing so, you need to stick to the truth, not inflate the figures!